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Lifetime Warranty

LUMAZI offers a limited lifetime warranty against most forms of damage for all of its products! Since LUMAZI uses the highest quality materials available along with the most stringent manufacturing standards, our products only look better with time, developing the famous patina premium leather is coveted for. As a result, this lifetime warranty does not cover conventional aging of the product. The warranty covers cosmetic and functional damages unrelated to normal aging and patina. Lost or stolen products are not covered.

The warranty applies solely to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. Proof of purchase from an authorized LUMAZI retailer is required. Sales receipts from unauthorized sellers or online auction sites are not accepted.

Replacements are subject to shipping charges and may require damaged products to be sent for inspection, in part so we may continually improve quality control. Failure to comply with these terms may forfeit warranty eligibility. The product is eligible for up to two replacements per year. The warranty lasts for as long as the customer owns the product.

LUMAZI will replace the product with an identical one if available. If the same color of that product is not available, LUMAZI will replace it with a different color. LUMAZI will make every effort to resolve warranty claims with the customer amicably if the product is out of stock in all color variants. Should a dispute arise, the final decision will be made at LUMAZI’s discretion.


To submit a warranty claim, please email with the information listed below. Please be sure to include all requested information to help ensure your claim is approved:

  • Full customer name as it appears on your order
  • Product description and color
  • Order number
  • Date of your order
  • Proof of purchase from LUMAZI (photo, scan, or screenshot)
  • Second and third color preference in case your exact product color is no longer in stock
  • Description of the defect or issue
  • A photo or video displaying the defect or issue
  • A full shipping address and phone number to send your replacement if your warranty request is approved